What Does Whatsapp Last Seen Actually And Can We Control It ?

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging application.It provides user lots of facility regarding to communication to other people like messaging free of cost, transferring other things like documents, meme, photos and many more things. YoWhatsapp is also very cautious about our security like it provide end to end encryption of our messaging.Also provide one of the most feature by which you can supervise the activity of your known person like when we chats with someone we can see the status of the person at that time whether he is online or offline from whatsapp. So today I am going to tell you what does it mean if we see the last seen of any person on its status mean and how can we control that activity.

So when we are having conversation with anyone the activity on the status bar keep on changing like whenever sender is typing any message to receiver then the status bar of receiver

Shows “typing” and vice-versa.Now this status bar show different message like:

Online (when conversation is going on).

Last seen (with mentioned timed).

Sometimes it shows nothing.

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Online:It Means that contact with whom you are doing conversation,he open his whatsapp in the foreground on their device and is connected to the internet.However it does not necessarily that they have reading your message.

Last seen:It means last time when your contact used his whatsapp.Irrespective of whether he send or receives message on the application or not.If person opened the application,chatted and again went offline,that will be considered as the last seen of him/her.similarly if he opens the application but didn’t chat with anyone and didn’t read message and went offline it will also considered as the Last seen of him/her. So we can conclude that whether person is chatting with someone or not as long as the application remain open, it will be considered as the last seen of him.

Third one says that sometimes it shows nothing: It happens just because of privacy feature of whatsapp.some users don’t want that someone put gaze on their activity.So they use to hide their last seen from other contacts.This can be done by doing some changes in the privacy setting of whatsapp.But if you are hiding your last seen to other,you will also not able to see the last seen of other contacts.It shows different option like you can hide your privacy from everyone or only you can make it off for your saved contact.

How to control the Last seen status

To change the setting of last seen follow these steps.:

Open the Whatsapp and go to the setting menu.

As you tap on the setting option you will redirect to the next window that will show you these option.


Tap on the privacy and and it will show you a option called last seen.

In turn last seen show you a pop up dialog box.That show you three option.

Everyone -It means every one can see your last seen.

My contacts-It means Only your contacts can see your last seen.

Nobody-It means no body can see your last seen.

Now you can set your privacy according to you.

You can also set privacy for other things like who can see your profile picture,and the notification ring,Two step verification to secure your account and many more features.

So I hope you have got understood how to manage whatsapp last seen feature by reading this article.